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OC TATTOO field trip

OC TATTOO field trip  is going on this weekend The Tattoo Shop is going to LA for the Tattoo  museum here at OC TATTOO we are like family we love taking trips with everyone you cannot find a tattoo shop like ours I don’t think you can  we are like family here at OC TATTOO don’t forget Friday the 13th coming up soon this April 2018 follow us on OC TATTOO‘s Instagram for more information @octattoo  check out all of our artists and all of that ass tattoos they are doing their putting out some awesome work 

OC Tattoo California

Thanksgiving 2017  thank you for all the support around the area of orange county California and people that flew in from other states to get tattooed by our great tattoo artist next year will be a blast looking forward to it are online gift cards and T-shirts will be available very soon so keep watch out And sign up for our email list for all our updates again thank you for everyone that came through The Tattoo Shop

OC Tattoo crowd