How do you know if the tattoo artist is good .

Finding the perfect tattoo artist and getting the best tattoo could be difficult don’t believe your friend when they said the tattoo artist is good they have a different taste than you they my like chocolate and you may like vanilla they think a tattoo looks great you may think not so much.

The best way to find out about a tattoo or a tattoo artist does good work is look through their portfolio and talk to tattoo artist see if this is the style that he likes to do not just can do. if you come across a professional tattoo artist 

the tattoo artist would recommend somebody in the shop to do the specific tattoo for the interest of the art.

answer : the artist has a style of their own make sure it matches your and you will know the tattoo artist is good in your eyes. that would be the key to knowing if your tattoo artist is good . 

Source: Best-tattoo