Certified in many variations of the tattoo industry

If you don't know now you know Eddie Thad the owner of OC tattoo has been certified for many types of tattooing whether it be Black and gray, portrait tattooing, tattoo machine tuning, watercolor painting, healing of a tattoo, Etc...  Anytime is always looking to learn more more of Octattoo and even though he's been in the industry for over 20 years you never stop learning in this life we call tattooing.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

We are not a normal tattoo shop we tattoo many different professionals like quinton rampage Jackson just to name one he was always been a loyal supporter of OC tattoo since day one and is a good friend Eddie Tana you never know getting tattooed at OC tattoo you might run across him or other professionals from different industries from singers, Actors, NFL football players, NBA players, baseball players, you just never know thanks for the support that everyone is given to OC tattoo

Its Summer!!!

Its summer time and you know what that means TATTOO TIME !! Stop by OC Tattoo Inc to get tattooed from one of our amazing tattoo artist!!!