Sara Delara

Sara De lara  OC Tattoo

Sara De lara OC Tattoo

Just a Few questions for Sara to let the world ” Who Is” Sara of OC Tattoo Inc

Q) What’s your speciality in tattooing?
A) My specialty is writing and tiny tattoos that are the size of a dime, hahaha!

Q) What do you do to get inspired about tattooing?
A) I look at my old work and see the improvement and it makes me wanna get even better for ever time!

Q) Whats the most hours you’ve tattooed in a day?
A) The most I have tattooed in a day was 8 hrs straight, that was the first time I had ever tattooed. Supposely it was a lesson from my old boss!

Q) How long have you gone without tattooing?
A) For almost a year, that was crazy!

Q) Arrange in order of importance, Love, Tattooing, Money.
A) I would have to say Love, Tattooing, and then of course Money!

Q) When did you have your “I’m going to be a badass tattoo artist” moment?
A) I dont think I have ever had that moment because I try to stop myself from getting cocky and think I am a badass cause I am never going to stop learning in this industry of tattooing!

Q) What have you tattooed the most of?
A) I would have to say Writing!

Q) Your last tattoo was of ?
A) A galaxy theme!

Q) What is a piece you’ve worked on that you’ll never forget?
A) A Philippino tribal piece. Just because my customer was an amazing person and I really enjoyed our conversation during our tattoo session!

Q) Have you ever done a piece that made you cry?
A) No, but had the feeling of crying!

Q) First thought that ran through your mind when you first put that needle on some one’s skin?
A) Damn I am actually getting paid for this!

Q) Now that tattoos have become “cool” have you used your job to get a date?
A)  Nope but I think I should start!

Q) You have the chance to say ten words about yourself on TMZ.  What would you say?
A) I am a simple girl that loves her job!

Q) Outside of tattooing, what are your hobbies?
A) I enjoy playing the guitar and I collect thing such as coins, cameras, guitar picks, model cars, movies and cds!

Q) You suddenly developed an deadly allergy to tattooing, now what?
A) Then I am fucken screwed…hahahahaha!

Q) Your life is a song on repeat, what’s the song?
A) Beautiful Things! hands down!

Q) What’s the weirdest request you’ve gotten since you’ve started tattooing?
A) “Boston” on a guys balls!

Q) Which celebrity do you wish you could tattoo and where?
A) Angelina Jolie…anywhere!!!

Q) A lot of artists believe tattooing your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s name on you is a bad omen, what  do you think?
A) Yup cause love isnt forever!

  1. Hi Sara,

    I am being referred to you through a friend. I am looking to get my first tattoo and was wondering if you can walk me through the process. If you could email me back, that would be greatly appreciated!



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  2. Hi Sara I wanted to make an appointment with you anytime soon. I wanted to get a small tattoo of an unalome symbol on the top of my index finger about an inch long or so right under my nail. I was just wondering if there is any possible way you could do a price estimate? And please let me know your open dates! Thanks :)



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  3. Hi Sara,

    I was looking to schedule an appointment if you have anything available Saturday day/night. I am look for either a script tattoo small-medium size not sure on placement.

    please contact/text 949-335-2717




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